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Fugetek FT-38L Solar Motion Sensor Light

┬áThis is my FAVORITE product I’ve reviewed in the past. This solar light is a superhero in my household. There are multiple features, you can leave the light on when it’s dark, leave it at low light, or just do the motion sensor. We use the motion sensor only as a courtesy to the neighbors.

Kayla’s coat is primarily black and at night when she’s outside I always worry she’ll dig a hole and make a run for it. With this amazing flood light, it triggers when she’s within 30 feet of the sensor so I can see anytime she’s moving around the backyard.

I’ve gone back and forth many a time debating on buying a second one so that way our entire back yard will light up when she’s triggered the sensor. I haven’t done it yet, but really I should have. I’m spending $10 apiece on dusk til dawn CFL light bulbs or I could spend $25 on a motion sensor light. It’s a no-brainer!

Another benefit, at least in my opinion, is that this light is a safety measure. Motion sensor lights can potentially deter thieves from stealing items from your car and yard or even prevent a burglary attempt. Criminals don’t want to be caught, so something lighting up alerting someone of their presence may increase the likeliness they move on from your home.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Fugetek FT-38L Solar Motion Sensor Light please click on the affiliate link HERE.

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