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Fragrance Free Products

WARNING: Fragrance-Free and Unscented are NOT the same. Don’t let the manufacturer trick you into thinking they are. Unscented products have chemicals that mask the odors, your skin might know the difference and still have an adverse reaction.

Beauty & Skin

Arm & Hammer: Ultramax Solid AntiPerspirant Deodorant, Unscented – While this says unscented in the title it actually specifies fragrance-free in the description. Hubby uses this one. (Amazon)

Avant Fragrance-free Hand Sanitizer (Amazon)

Aveeno: has several fragrance-free products. My favorite one is the Skin Relief Body Wash, it has colloidal oatmeal in it which is excellent for dry, itchy skin. Hubby and I use the Therapeutic Shave Gel. (Amazon)

Banana Boat: Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen – This is my go-to for sunscreen regardless of time of year. I apply this on my neck, decollete, and arms. (Amazon)

California BabyHas their own fragrance-free line called Super Sensitive. You don’t have to be a baby to use it, but this brand is very pricey! (Amazon)

CeraVe: Great fragrance-free options. I use the Hydrating and Foaming cleansers as well as the moisturizing cream. Higher price tags for this than Cetaphil but that was what my Dermatologist recommended while I was on Accutane. (Amazon)

Cetaphil: I’ve used these in the past but since I have so many CeraVe products right now I won’t repurchase til they are gone. Cetaphil is significantly more cost efficient! (Amazon)

Dermalogica: is another skincare line that is entirely ARTIFICIAL fragrance-free. You may find products that have smells, like precleanse, but they are all natural. My favorite product is the Daily Microfoliant. (Amazon)

Dove: Advanced Care Sensitive Antiperspirant – A great product I’ve used for I don’t know how long. (Amazon)

EltaMDUV Pure Broad-Spectrum SPF 47 – My dermatologist recommended this because of my fragrance sensitivity and because my skin is super reactive and sensitive.

First Aid Beauty: is another skincare line that is entirely ARTIFICIAL fragrance-free. You may find products that have smells but they are all natural. (Amazon)

Gold Bond Ultimate: I loved this product when my eczema broke out all over both hands. It really helped the itch and helped heal the skin enough to repair as well. I won’t go another winter without this product. (Amazon)

Healthy HooHoo: This is excellent for maintaining your PH in your feminine area, but expect to part with $12+ per 4 oz. It’s a bit too pricey for me personally but if you battle issues with consistent yeast infections this may be the feminine cleanser for you. (Amazon)

O’Keffe’s Working Hands: My brother recommended this because it was fragrance-free and because as a nurse he’s constantly washing his hands. He was referred to this by a coworker and now this is Hubby’s Holy Grail hand lotion. He REFUSES to use anything else. (Amazon)

Paula’s Choiceproducts are entirely fragrance-free!

Simple Skincare: Another all fragrance-free skincare line. These are very affordable as they are drugstore items. I love their micellar water! (Amazon)

Heroine Gauntlets - Extra-long arm warmers | EitanyaDesigns
Heroine Gauntlets – Extra-long arm warmers | EitanyaDesigns

So this is about skin… Since I have contact dermatitis, remember I mentioned the rash I get when I come into contact with fragrance? Well, I purchased these awesome arm warmers, I got them from EitanyaDesigns on Etsy.

Household Products

all free clear — We’ve used the liquid laundry detergent and dryer sheets for over ten years. The liquid detergent is even sold in select Costco locations in bulk. Hubby prefers to use the smaller bottles because they have nicer drip slots, so we’ll pour out some of the large bottles into the smaller ones.

Better Life – I found this product by watching Shark Tank! Now this brand has fragrance-free products (they list it as unscented) but it also specifies on the nicer smelling ones it does specify the scents are all-natural. (Amazon)

Bounce – Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets (Amazon)

DownyFree & Gentle Fabric Softener. Again something we’ve used for more than ten years now.

Dr. BronnersBaby Mild Castile Soap (Amazon) You can use this as is or you can use it in my DIY Foaming Soap.

PUREayre – Another Shark Tank thing I found super interesting. This can help you deodorize your home “Without the hazards of chemical products and artificial fragrances.” They have a variety of different products for Home, Baby, Pets, Dogs, and Marine. (Amazon)

Seventh Generation – Has a huge list of different fragrance-free products including all-purpose cleaner, baby wipes, chlorine free bleach, diapers,  dish liquid, glass & surface cleaner, dishwasher gel & powder, fabric softener, laundry detergent, rinse aid, stain remover, and training pants. (Amazon)

Miscellaneous Products

Dog Shampoos & Conditioners

Earthbath – Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo Fragrance-Free
Shampoo (Amazon) and Conditioner (Amazon)

Tenda GroomHypoallergenic Dog Shampoo (1 Gal Amazon)

Wet OnesSensitive Skin (Amazon) You can get the packets for travel or you can be like me and just get a tub to take with you. It’s easy to take them in a small Ziploc bag, if for some reason they start to dry out you can easily add a touch of water to the bag or just get a spray bottle and voila it’s all fixed. Same thing if you accidentally leave the tub open, just add a bit of water to the container and it’ll hydrate itself.

System Jo – H2O Personal Lubricant (Amazon) and there is also their All-In-One Massage Glide (Amazon.) Their manufacturer website is very image intensive so it may take a minute to load, but they have great products that we love. We were actually referred to this line of products by a friend / couple who enjoy their products.

Moso Natural – This company offers air purifying bags that are rechargeable via the sun! Isn’t that neat? They have small ones you can put in shoes or I use the 200g ones I bought from (Amazon) in a set of four. I have two in our closed trash can, it does a good job but closed trash cans get smelly really fast. We also have them in our bathrooms and fridge. I love that when the product ‘expires’ after 2 years you can open it up and put it in a garden or just on your grass.

Grab Green Home – Has a full list of items that are fragrance free. I’ve never used the site before, but as I type this out I am browsing the site.

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DIY Puppy Treats (Our favorite recipe)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Mix all ingredients together starting with the wet ingredients and then the dry ingredients.

Once mixed flour your working surface and roll out the dough to desired thickness. Cut to size/shape desired.

Tip: You can use a cookie cutter, I use a pizza cutter to cut out semi-rectangle shapes. They never come out in a good rectangle but Kayla doesn’t complain.

Fully Baked – Bake Time: 22 minutes
Chewy Bake – Bake Time: 5-6 minutes

Once you pull them out of the oven set them on a baking rack to cool down. Once cooled pull aside a small amount to keep in the fridge and put the rest in a freezer safe Ziploc bag. I’ve stored them for up to 6 months when I made an especially large batch, but typically they last half of that time because she eats them all.

Kayla’s Pill Pockets

Kayla, being the nosey yet loved furbaby she is… has allergies. With this being said, she takes four Benadryl daily: two in the morning and another two at night, as well as her daily fish oil pill. We buy the Kirkland Signature products from Costco in bulk. The generic Benadryl is the “Allergy Medicine” (600 pills for $4.49) and the fish oil is 1000mg (400 pills for $9.49.) Since Kayla needs two bottles of allergy medicine and one of the fish oil it’s $20 before tax/coupon, not too bad for a year supply, right? Getting her to take them is another story entirely!

Kayla HATES pills, with a passion. I can’t sneak them into her kibble because she doesn’t eat on a consistent basis. Since she’s the only dog we have so she can eat when she feel likes it, and has been this way since she came home. We did try putting food down at certain times of day, yeah that didn’t work either, she just wouldn’t eat for a couple of days at a time. Now I just leave it out. She’ll eat when she’s ready.

Lucky for us, we found a great blogger that shared her own recipe for homemade pill pockets. This recipe allowed me to both save money as well as make the pockets fresh for Kayla and I know what’s in her pockets, and I love this idea. Becky’s original recipe is to the left, but we ran out too quickly, so I made four times the batch. At that time I was working on losing weight, so I had a digital scale on the counter at all times and I found that much easier to measure by, so I converted everything to ounces.

pill-pocketsIMPORTANT: Make sure your ingredients don’t include Xylitol.
It’s EXTREMELY toxic to dogs!

  • I put the mixing bowl on top of the digital scale and measure out the milk.
  • If you’re going to add in the applesauce I do it now. It’s just one tablespoon.
  • Next, I measure the flour in a clean bowl.
  • Last I’ll do the peanut butter, just because it’s sticky and it’s harder to get out of the bowl. You can help yourself by using some non-stick spray and coating the bowl before you measure it out.
  • Mix together well in either a stand mixer, using a spatula, or even with your hands. You don’t want the texture to be too moist, if it’s clinging to your hands you need more flour. Add sparingly, because if you overdo it then the pocket will be difficult to cling to itself.

When you’re happy with your consistency I will add it to an airtight container and leave it in the fridge til next use. The middle and right side recipes typically last me seven to ten days on a 50lb dog getting 3 pills a day (one large fish oil then two more sets of Benadryl.) When I know I’m going run out soon I make a new batch, preferably the day before I need it. The consistency will change, very slightly, but if it’s too light and fully you may have difficulty getting the pill to close up on itself.

I roll it into a ball between my hands then I use my thumb to flatten it out a bit to make a blanket for the pill. I will roll the sides up over it making sure to pinch it together at the top, or it will try to unravel itself and my dog will eat the pocket but not the pill. She’s a smart one I tell you.

After a while, Kayla got bored with her new morning treat (pill pocket) so I looked around the kitchen to see what ingredients we had and decided to add some applesauce. Now depending on the consistency of the applesauce you use, you may need more flour or less, or you could easily reduce the milk, whatever works for you. We use the Buyers Choice Applesauce, which is a WinCo brand (my husband works there! Go WinCo!) but if you don’t have one in your local area, I recommend Musselman’s too.

This morning Kayla did the chew, chew, spit out the pill. It’s time to find a new pill pocket recipe. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

UPDATE 12/11/16: When you make the pill pocket the consistency will be different within about 12 hours, it’ll be harder. In our case, I’ve gone back to the basic pill pocket recipe but I add a touch more flour, maybe half an ounce. Kayla is less likely to spit out the pill pocket when it’s a more solid texture as she’s less likely to puncture the actual fish oil pill!

Our pup eats Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream if anyone is curious. The vet recommended that she have a fish based kibble because it’s less likely they’ll have an adverse reaction. Apparently, it’s a semi-common thing for dogs to have some type of allergic reaction to beef, chicken, pork; or so I was told. Anything to help manage her allergies is worth it!


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