DIY: Foaming Soap

I LOVE using foaming soap. It saves money and I can customize anything I want, which means I can easily go fragrance-free. Castile soap can cost a pretty penny, but it’s normally the only thing I can find that’s fragrance-free, so I typically use the Palmolive pure + clear because it smells nice and I don’t have any negative reactions to it.

8 oz soap: 
6.5 oz water, .75 oz (1.5 tbsp) soap
16 oz soap: 13 oz water, 1.5 oz (3 tbsp) soap
100 oz soap: 82 oz water, 10 oz soap.
128 oz (1 gallon) soap: 96 oz water, and then 12 oz (1.5 cups) soap.

Directions: Pour ingredients in order: Water, Soap

I keep a clean re-useable bottle at home, think an old gallon drinking water bottle or that from a juice container. I make the larger batches and refill the empty bottles as needed. We have five soap dispensers around the house so I love having this around when I run out I don’t have to make more right away.

You could add essential oils to your soap, or even glycerin to help retain moisture. I found the basic soap mix works well enough for me. If you decide you want to use essential oils make sure all of your dispensers and backup bottle are glass.


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